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We have recently updated our site to include an online reservations page. You can now enjoy the convenience of booking your limousine, sedan, or shuttle services with Arrow online buy visiting our Reservations Page. (If the form doesn't appear, please disable your popup blocker.)

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Arrow Luxury Transportation is proud of a longstanding history of providing quality services to the Monterey Peninsula area during which the following Frequently Asked Questions commonly arise. In the event that the information you are seeking is not contained within our FAQ section or this site in general, please contact us via phone or email and an agent will respond to your questions promplty.


  • How much time (or how long) does it take from Monterey/Carmel to the major airports?

    A: From Monterey to SJC we like to allow 1.5 hours depending on the time of day. To SFO/OAK we like to allow 2.5 hours depending on the time of day. During peak traffic time, it will be suggested to allow extra time. Also allow additional time if leaving from Carmel Valley.

  • Where do I meet my driver at the airport?

    A: For domestic arrivals: The driver will be holding a sign with your name and be waiting for you in the baggage claim area. Since 9/11, the drivers are no longer allowed to meet at the gate. For international arrivals: The driver will be holding a sign with your name and waiting for you outside customs. If you have a large group requiring a van or larger vehicle you will be given instructions at time of reservation. Vans are not allowed to park at SFO and are only allowed to stage in a “courtyard” that you will be directed to. If you want to still have a greeter to meet you and assist you with your baggage, there is an additional charge.

  • What if I can’t locate my driver?

    A: You may call the office at anytime, we answer the phones 24/7

  • Do I have to pay toll charges?

    A: Yes, this is not included in your rate.

  • The 3 hour minimum, does that have to be all at once, or can I split up the time?

    A: No the time can not be split, it is continuous.

  • Do I have to pay for the limo even when I’m not in it, at dinner or at my dance?

    A: Yes, the limo is there for you and your guests, the charge is from the time the limo picks you up until the final drop off at the end of the event.

  • What is gratuity?

    A: Gratuity is a service charge for the driver.

  • What is the service charge?

    A: In addition to the driver’s gratuity, the service charge includes license fees, gas surcharge and airport parking fees if applicable.

  • What if there are some passengers that are over 21 yrs of age, can there be alcohol in the limo for them?

    A: No. If there is one passenger under the age of 21, then we can not allow any alcohol in the vehicle.

  • If we go over our time 10 minutes will we be charged for an entire hour?

    A: No, overtime is in 30 minute increments.

  • Is it ok to stand up while the limo is moving?

    A: No, only when the vehicle is parked.

  • Is it ok to stick my head out the moonroof or windows?

    A: No, only if the vehicle is parked.